Monday, 22 February 2010

week 5 Midway test

Pink Panther findes himself in a looked room, he gets angry and tries to open the door but doesn't succeed. The time limit were 120 frames (five seconds).

week 3 In betweening

This week were a bit harder then the last week. We learned to draw in betweens for another animator. In this case we got keys and breakdowns from a scene in balto with Boris the goose. A small step for Boris but a giant leap for me.

Here are a couple of my poses for Boris.

week2 Clean Up

Here is a cleand up scene from An American Tail 2 with the character Cat R. Waul. It´s just a second or so but it took us a four days to almost finish it. Clean up takes time to learn.

2010 week1 Characther Design

This week we designed advertisement charcters. The character is named Auntie Biotic and should explain why not to over use antibiotics. I made two different designs of her.

In the second design she has a space siut look, that is also an antibiotic cap.

Then we designed some characters from Roald Dahls story Taste.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Week 49 Drunken Walk

Goofy again, this time in another condition. A better condition. He is missing eyes and stuff this time as well, but he has a hat!

Week 46 Heavy lift

Some kind of Goofy construction lifts heavy ball. Heavy metal!

Week 41 Walks

This week (41) I produced a litle too tall and not so pink Pink Panther. But he does an angry walk.

Week 38-39 Basic Animation with Uri Kranot

This is my bouncing ball with character.

And the next week we did another classic exercise; The Flour Sack. We were given a story board and tried to make the sack act there after.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Week 37 Basic Animation with Uri Kranot

Here is my very first animated scene - Frog n' Fly. He doesn't really stay on model. Those vicious flies!