Monday, 8 March 2010

Week 9 Non Dialogue, made in TV-Paint

We were supposed to animate one out of many characters, I chose Sheep dog Sam. The idéa was to make him find some money, wanting to take them, but then change his minde and leave. This was a fun exercise. A bit tough, took all weekend, but I still had some fun doing it.

I didn't get his walk right, he was supposed to walk with his legs close together. But in my animation I didn't think of that from the start, the way he walks is off character. And the legs works against the upper body in terms of bouncing.

But what suprised me in a good way were how nice the mustache settles.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Week 8 TV-Paint Intro

It's hard to deal with new programs and new tools. But at least I got some animation out of this first computer week. The wow factor hopfully will increase with time.

The first test was a Scooby head turn.

And now let me present "The Hogarth Take". The point was to animate Hogarth (from the film The Iron Giant) who gets suprised or something else that makes him jump. Unfortunately I didn't reach more than basic construction.

This last animation was a litle test, a Mr. Bouncing Bean!